Legend or Myth?

Three Legged Crow history is in the between Legend and Myth that started from the BC 3,000 of  Altai family then AD 500 it has got into the Far Eastern ancient country the North Korea now and the southeast of China as the emblem with its myth.

The left image is the mural paintings in a Tumulus of Ancient Country Goguryeo(5th century). The Circle symbolized the Sun and three legged crow represent the sunspots that ancient people believed the three legged crow lives there 

When I was depressed I found Three Legged Crow as my philosophical Phoenix as the patron saint. It works as I suppressed my depress but I do not believe it as my GOD, it is a guard and protects me from all negative powers so I created Three Legged Crow Pendant. Now I want the people who wear it as same as me to be protected from any negative powers that are from Oriental Philosophy of Yin and Yang.